Numbers-1-Black-iconNeeds Analysis

We help clarify the motivating reasons you want or need to sell
Determine your timetable


Numbers-2-Black-iconPricing Strategy

We determine the best selling price strategy given the current market conditions
We let you know what you can expect to net out of the sale (net sheet)


Numbers-3-Black-iconGetting Your Home Ready for the Market

Staging and improvement consultation
Provide strategies for maximizing your visual and emotional impact to buyers


Marketing Strategy

Develop your custom marketing plan tailored specifically to your home
Establish marketing timetable


Receive Offers & Negotiate To Sell

Evaluate all offers and advise you on which offer is the strongest – it is not always the highest
Negotiate counteroffers
Advise on the final terms and conditions



Prepare postcontract work list
Advise on repairs and vendor services


Pre-Closing Preparation

Coordinate and supervise document preparation
Remain in constant contact with the title company and cooperating agent and problem solve any challenges



Review closing documentation and Closing Disclosure statement for accuracy
Resolve last minute challenges
Attend closing


Coordinate keys and move-in
Assist with any post-closing challenges