6 Quick Fixes that will Instantly Update Your Home

It is amazing how simple, small changes can make a dramatic impact. Whether you are wanting to get your home ready to sell or simply spruce it up inexpensively for your own enjoyment, here are a few of our tried and true techniques that pack a big bang for the buck

1 – Paint

Nothing changes the feel of a space than fresh, updated paint. Think of paint as a backdrop that sets the mood. The trends right now are light and clean. Consistency and flow are key. Two of our favorite overall colors are SW Agreeable Gray and SW Accessible Beige.

2 – Replace Your Bathroom Towels

Fresh, fluffy bath towels can instantly change a bathroom from dingy to spa-like. They are also a great way to add seasonal or on-trend pops of color.

3 – Replace Your Front Door Mat and add a Potted Plant

For some reason the front door mat often gets overlooked and often looks beat down and worn. Simply replacing it and adding a seasonal potted plant by the front door does wonders for your entry and curb appeal.

4 – Add dark mulch to your flowerbeds

There is something about fresh dark mulch that makes a house look fresh and well cared for. The dark color makes your plants and flowers “pop” and dramatically improves your curb appeal.

5 – Clear the clutter

Clutter distracts from a room’s true potential. If you don’t love it or it isn’t functional, send it on it’s way. If you want to get in a great clutter-reducing mindset, read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It is a fantastic read and will challenge you with your view of stuff.

6 – Replace lots of small accessories with one or two key pieces

The trend right now definitely leans towards what we like to call Cozy Minimalism.
One of the key ways to create this look is to pick interesting but fewer decorative items (like this oversized clock). A good rule of thumb is to retain only the accessories that play up architectural features such as drawing attention to built-in bookshelves or fireplace mantels. When it comes to accessories, less is definitely more.


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