Getting Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

Well, there are a few things you can get started on right away if you are planning to sell your home with us in 2017. But, please remember to set up an appointment with us so we can tell you exactly what does (and doesn’t) need to be done to prepare your home for this market. Some people make the mistake of over-improving and spending money that isn’t necessary to get the best return on your investment when selling. We can definitely help you with that. So, here are a few things you can do now…

1) DECLUTTER! Its something we all need to do! We want you to be able to show off space, not your stuff! So, let’s start by clearing off those counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom.  Buyers want to feel like they will have lots of room to put THEIR things. It’s also nice to clear off dressers, tables and other furniture pieces if they have a lot of items on them. You can leave lamps and maybe one decorative item. Any other little decorative items and family photos can be packed up ahead of time to clear out clutter. Besides, you’re already packing to move, so this will help you get started! We can help you with the details of packing clutter when we come over!

2) CLEAN UP THE FRONT YARD! Curb appeal is your first chance when a buyer drives up to make a positive, lasting impression. It can make or break if a buyer even wants to go inside. And remember, your front yard needs to look neat & tidy for our professional photos. So, make sure you mow your lawn & edge, trim those bushes so they are nice & tidy, and we always recommend fresh, dark brown mulch because it helps your home look well-kept and professionally cared for. Sometimes if there’s space on the front porch, you can add a colorful potted flower by the front door. Make sure you have a nice, new front door mat, too, since buyers see it and stand on it while they are waiting to go inside. Shutters should be freshly stained or painted and power wash your brick or siding if it’s dirty or dingy. Your curb appeal can invite buyers to want to come inside if it’s done well. Otherwise, it might scare them away.

3) PAINT & PAINT TOUCH UPS! Go ahead. Get started. We know it’s not fun, but in just a short time, you can make those scuffs and marks on the walls and baseboards disappear & buyers will be thrilled. It makes a home look new, and that is especially helpful if your pre-owned home is competing with new construction. So, fill in those nail holes and make those walls look pristine. Your buyers will thank you, hopefully in multiple offers and by driving up the asking price! And while you’re at it, if you have some bold or outdated wall colors, now is a great time to neutralize them with a fresh, updated color that appeals to almost all buyers. We can always help you with the color choice! Agreeable gray is a nice, light, warm fresh color that we often recommend. Happy painting!